Deb’s story!

An English and History degree took Deb straight down to London and into educational publishing in her early twenties. A spell as academic desk editor taught her to correct and polish manuscripts (a copy of Feminism in Russia still adorns her bookshelf!) - and her eagle editorial eye came in useful when, a few years later back in Yorkshire, she became an English teacher. For more than twenty years she successfully coaxed students through their coursework and exams and marked hundreds of essays. Whilst that was going on she pursued her own passion for writing. Six years of evening classes at Hull University, drafting poems, short stories and scripts under the gentle guidance of her tutors, culminated in another BA Honours – and a First, to boot!


Much encouraged, Deb took a Masters Degree in Creative Writing at York St. John University and graduated with Distinction and the Writing Prize - and the confidence to persist with her first novel, Journey, which she is busy redrafting between spells of sixth form supply teaching and some private A Level tutoring.


Deb has taught Creative Writing in Adult Education, to writing groups and book clubs. Her skill and experience enables others to develop their own creative ability and find their own writing voice.


At heart she is an old Romantic – not the Mills and Boon kind (though nothing is ruled out!) but the kind of romanticism that is borne out of a love of nature, the unruly elements and the tortured human spirit.


Short Story by Deb